Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Crimson Crown

"The Crimson Crown"
Cinda Williams Chima
A Seven Realm Novel
High Fantasy

Han and Raisa must are still under attack from all sides. The clans are not happy that they seem so close. The wizards want to kill Han and control Raisa. The vial folk are losing everything in the fighting.

The wizard killings are still going on and everyone thinks it is Han. Even his closed friends think it is him, and are working on talking the queen in to think it as well. The wizards council is fighting to destroy Han but he is fighting for greater control to protect the one he loves.

Han's and Raisa's love it so strong that nether of them can resist it, but if they sub come to there feeling the clan's and the wizards council would kill them both. With this over both of their heads, together they must save the Queendom from enemies within and enemies without.

This is the fourth and final book in the seven realms novels. This book does not disappoint. A lot of final books in a series do not work. The leaves things open and I Don't get the feeling I was looking for. The Crimson Crown is amazing. This book not only lives up to series as a whole but it also stands alone as a great book.

This book ties up all the lose ends from the series and left me with a feeling of completeness. I was pulled through the book page by page, chapter by chapter until after only six hours I was at the end. The book keeps you guessing right up until the end with twist and turns that will please all readers.

If the book has one flaw it was that I guest the ending two books ago. And although it was the ending I most wanted, it was still a little hard.

Over all I would give this book a 9 out of 10 but now that I have read all the books I would give the series a 10 out of 10. This series is a must read.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Green Rider

"Green Rider"
Kristen Britain
Green Rider (Series)
High Fantasy

A young girl is expelled from school for fighting with another student. After running from school she comes across a green rider, one of the kings messenger, with two black arrows in his back. With his dying breath the rider asked her a favor.

The green rider talks Karigan in to taking his massage to the king for him. The rider swears her in as a green rider and she starts on the mission to bring life and death information to the king. Quickly she came to the realization that is was going to be a much more dangerous mission then she thought.

Now Kiragan must ride for her life as monsters, solders, and traitors hunt for her, and the message she has. With the help from the ghost of the dead green rider and her horse she will deliver the message but will it get there before it is too late to save the kingdom?

I was ably to pick up this book from the D.I., which is like value village or good will, for only 50 cents. It was really cheap but after only a few pages I was already hooked in to the story.

Over all I felt that the book is really strong. I love the main character. She was very believable and even though she does a lot of amazing things throughout the book she still gets hurt a lot. Everything that happens in the book feels natural and the store moves

The book does have a few slow parts and the how magic works in the book is a little confusing and odd, but over all I loved the whole thing.

I would give it a 7.5 out of 10.