Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Outcasts

"The Outcasts"
John Flanagan
Brotherband Chronicles
Low Fantasy

A young man, named Hal, is about to join brotherband, the right of passage for young men in Skandian to become men. Brotherband is hard for most young boys but for Hal it is even harder. His father died when he was young, and being half Araluen, most of his people don't think of him as Skandian.

As Brotherband starts, all the boys are sorted in to groups. By default Hal is put in charge of the third and smallest brotherband named the Herons. Together this rag tag group of forgotten and unwanted boys will find the strength to overcome all things through at them.

At the same time an evil pirate is seeking to steal the Skandian's greatest treasure, the Andomal. When there destinies come together an adventure will start that will lead Hal and his friend far from home.

John Flanagan has done it again. He has created a story and characters that pull the reader in and keep them read and wanting more. Brotherband is a companion series to Ranger's Apprentice. Both Series take place in the same world and at about the same time.

Unlike the Ranger's Apprentice this story focus on sailing and seamanship then on archery. The Brotherband series also has more of a group store then Rangers. Even with these differences the book has also the same feel as Flanagan's other books.

I could not put this book down and I was looking for the next book before I had even finished the first. I loved all the characters and was pulled in by the plot. This book makes me hope that Flanagan keeps on writing.

I would give this book a 9.1 out of 10.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Milestone: 500 Page Views

Nine months ago I started this blog because I had friend after friend ask me for advice on what books they should read. So When I read a book worth talking about, ether because its really good or really bad, I do it here. Last week I finally got 500 page views, and I am really excited because this blog has become a passion of mine and I hope it keeps growing.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to look, read and/or follow my blog. You make me want to do better and write more.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Raven's Shadow

"Raven's Shadow"
Patricia Briggs
The Raven Duology
High Fantasy

A Raven Sorcerer, one of the wondering wizards, a traveler, and the protectors of all man kind, has abandoned her post to become a wife and mother. After the death of her whole clan by disease Seraph traveled with her brother until he was killed by angry villagers.

After being saved from the mob by Tier, a solder who seeks only to leave the killing behind, Seraph falls in love with him and leaves the travelers life behind and marries Tier. Together they farmed the land and built a family, but Seraph has left her magic behind.

Over 15 years later Tier and Seraph have built a life together and have had three children all gifted in some way, but now Tier has gone missing and it is up to his family to find him and save the kingdom even if no one knows that it is in trouble.

I picked this book up on a whim from a used book store, and loved it. It has been a long time sense I have read a book like this. A book that consumed me in every way. A book that as I read it I lost four hours of my life because I was so consumed with the store.

I really liked the fact that in this story we follow a family and an older happily married couple instead of just young stupid kids. I also really liked how the story was built. As the story went on we learned more and more but unlike a lot of books today I never got confused.

The plot was interesting without being overly complected. Something that has been lost over time in books and is the idea of telling a story simply and it still being good. Often writers feel that a story must be as involved and convoluted as possible to be good, and I just don't think that is true.

I really enjoyed the whole family and the kind. All the characters in this book feel really and complete. I finished this book in less then 5 hours and I cannot wait to read the second book.

I would give this book a 8.7 out of 10.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tiger's Curse

"Tiger's Curse"
Colleen Houck
Tiger's Curse Series
Paranormal Romance

Over 300 years ago in the land known today as India, a wicked king cursed two brothers to be tigers all there lives except for 24 minutes every day. After the death of there parents both brothers started to lose there humanity and Ren, one of the brother, is captured and taken to america to be a circus tiger.

In modern day, a young girl, named Kelsey, just out of high school takes a part time job working in a circus. After only the first day at the circus, she learns about the white tiger.

Kelsey quickly becomes friends with the tiger reading to him, talking to him and feeding him. A week in a mysterious man from India comes to the circus and buys the tiger. The man asks Kelsey if she would like to help him look after the tiger over the long trip back to India. Kelsey quickly agrees.

After arriving in India Kelsey learns that her tiger is really a Indian prince who has been cursed and he tells her that she has been picked by the gods and asks her to help him brake the curse. Together they head out on an adventure that Kelsey would never have dreamed of.

I had a friend recommend this book to me claiming it was one of the best young adult ever written. The Tiger's Curse is a mix of Twilight and Indiana Jones. The book is well written and pulls the reader through and even though some parts of the book were not to my liking a could not put the book down. I read it in less then a day and was excited to move on the the next book.

The adventure part of the book is really fun and thrilling. At points in the book you truly do not know what will happen to the characters and this leads to a lot of suspense. The book also has a lot of emotional power to it which pulls on your own emotions.

On the other side of this book the writer describes a single kiss for three pages and it gets to the point that I got really unconformable. The main character is also a little weak. Some times why she does things makes little to know sense. The writer also does not always explain what is happening in the best way.

The other problem I have is the book has a little took much in the way of romance writing. The author gets so involved in her description of there love that I often felt like skipping whole sections just to not have to read anymore of it. It was like watching a roommate make-out in the living room and not being able to get away.

Over all I would give this book a 7.5 out of 10. The book is great but not one of the best I have ever read.