Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gates of Thread and Stone

"Gates of Thread and Stone"
Lori M. Lee
Gates of Thread and Stone #1

Imagine a world in which magic and technology developed and competed side by side. For a long time magic was dominated. But as time moved on technology coat up to the wonders of magic and made it so that anyone with the press of a button could perform wonders.

Fearing the end of the way of magic, they attacked those devoted to the way of technology. This led to a war that destroyed everything. Magic all but left the world and few advanced tech remained.

From that destruction, one town came in to being. A town of pain and cruelty. A time of fear and death. but with in that is one girl who is good and light, and although she does not know it yet she just might be the answer to everyone’s wish for a better life.

I really enjoyed this book. The world was pretty cool; it really reminds me of that old 1980's movie "Wizards". Although the book is not quite as weird as that movie. The main character was interesting and the writing style was quick passed and engaging.

The plot was a little simple. She basically wrote the "heroes journey", but in an attempt to be something else, she often got side tracked and started going in odd directions. Luckily by page 100 she gets in to her groove and focuses on what she really wants to say. That’s when I was hooked. The author is still finding her voice but what she had written is amazing.

I would give this book a 7.8 but if the next ones in the series are increasingly good I would increase that to and 8 something.