Sunday, February 16, 2014


Shannon Mayer
Rylee Adamson Series #1
Modern Fantasy

Rylee is a seeker. If you don't know what that means your not part of our world and you should stop reading right now, burn this book and pray you did not catch the attention of anything more powerful then yourself.

If you are from our world, she can help you. Rylee can find anyone for you no matter where they are and she can stand with you against the darkness. She has allies from across the magical world, but she also has enemies.

The FBI is investigating Rylee for her sister's death from five years ago, and for her involvement in the finding of several kidnapped children.

So if you are desperate and in need of help call Rylee Adamson.

This is a really fun book. If you have read the Dresden files you will love this book. The Rylee books is a watered down version of the Dresden files with a strong female main character, and a more romantic vibe.

I really liked the book. The over all feel was strong and involved. Mayer took an original view on many classic horror and fantasy monsters. I was pulled into the story and plot my powerful characters, strong hooks and interesting twists and turns.

To be honest I was really scared of reading this book because I found it on amazon with my Kindle. This book is mostly self published and all of this lead me to be a little nerves. Don't be though, this book is great and the writer should be on your list of your favorite books.

I would give this book an 8.1 out of 10.

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