Thursday, May 29, 2014


Brian K. Vaughan
Saga Monthly Comic

The largest planet in the know universe is at war with its own Moon. One side winged humanoids focused on science. The other side are horned humanoids who use magic. For years and years the planet and its own moon, science and magic, fought a bloody war causing massive destruction on both of their worlds.

Over time the war was outsourced to other worlds until it covered the whole galaxy. In the end every world has been made to choose a side. Science or magic, horns or wings, planet or moon.

In all of this war and chaos two lovers, one from the moon the other from the planet, find each other and marry. Now with a baby on the way will they be able find safety from both sides of the war? Will they ever find a place to call home, and can they create a peace or just greater war.

This is an amazing comic book. This comic might be the best one writing in the last 10 or 20 years. I would put in on par with "Watchmen", "V for Vendetta" and "Sandman". So far there is only three collected volumes but it is still on going.

The story is rich and full. The characters are likable but honest. Whenever I read one of these comics I can't put it down and when I'm done I crave more. This story is about war, love and family. It is powerfully emotional, but also highly relatable.

The writer also blends science fiction and fantasy perfectly in a way I have never seen before. Other writers have tried to blend these two but it has always felt awkward to me, until now.

There is one thing I would say is a negative. The comic is a little overly gratuitous, to the point of being border line pornographic at parts. The violence can also be extreme and unpleasant to see. This means that this comic in not for anyone under the age of 18.

Over all I would give this comic book a 9.5 out of 10.

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