Saturday, January 16, 2016


Naomi Novik
Fairy tale Fantasy

Once ever ten years the village must sacrifice one of its young maidens to the dragon. The dragon takes them to his home and uses them to clean and cook... The Dragon is the title of the local magician whose job it is to protect the kingdom from the corrupted forest.

Agnieszka is one of the few girls who are born on a pick year. The ten years are up and it is time for the Dragon to pick a new girl to be his maid, but Agnieszka is not worried because everyone one knows he will pick her best friend who is amazing at everything.

But when the Dragon picks her instead, Agnieszka does not know what to do and to make matters worse the Dragon is an insufferable human being. Now with the corrupted woods encroaching on the kingdom and corrupting its people will Agnieszka and the Dragon survive each others long enough to stop the woods?

This book is an amazing and original look at two very well known fair tale ideas. The virgin sacrifice and the evil forest. Naomi Novik does a great job at taking an idea we all know really well and presenting it to her readers in a new light. This book really made me think but also entertained me the who way through.

I was pulled through this book by its powerful narration and compelling characters. I have had the opportunity to read Novik's other book series Temeraire and whether you like it or not you will like "Uprooted". This is a book that is a most read for any young adult or not so young adult.

I would say one thing though, this book is promoted as a young adult novel but it can be a little graphic and upsetting at times i would not recommencement this book for children under the age of 16.

I would give this book a 8.4 out of 10.

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