Friday, August 24, 2012

The Goblin Wood

"The Goblin Wood"
The Goblin Trilogy
Hilari Bell
Middle Fantasy

This book follows the story of a young girl, Mekenna, who is leading a goblin army to defend there homes, and a knight, Tobin, seeking to reclaim his honor after being wrongly accused of his brothers crimes.

After the death of Mekenna's mother, a Hedgewitch, she wondered the woods until she made friends with a few goblins and took up the cause to defend them. Years later Mekenna held the goblin woods against all who would try to drive them out but what she could not be prepared for was a an honest knight with a purpose.

Tobin was a hero of the barbarian war before his younger brother got in to trouble with the law and Tobin took the fall for it. Instead of going to jail or being executed a powerful priest gave his a task, find and capture the goblin witch.

With this, these two world come together and make for a very interesting and fun adventure.

I really liked this book. The writer's ideas behind magic and goblin kind was fresh and original. Her thoughts on their society and their magic was both entertaining and interesting. I was pulled through the book and left happy at the end. The Goblin Wood has a lot to offer any reader young or old.

The plot and Characters are rich and fully thought out. I would love to read more by this author and see what else she has to offer.

The Goblin Woods is an easy read for children but is still interesting enough for people of all ages. I would say that anyone who likes fantasy books will like this one a lot, and its one I tell my friends they need to read.

I would give it a 7 out of 10.

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