Saturday, February 23, 2013


Robert Kirkman
Image Comics

Mark Grayson is the son of the most powerful super hero on earth. Sadly his powers have not come in yet but when they do he will seek to live up to, not only his fathers actions, but also his own knowledge of right and wrong.

After his powers come in, young mark starts discovering all his powers and learning what he can do with them. At first he has trouble being a super hero, but quickly he learns how to control his powers.

He must now balance being a super hero, High school, girls, friends, homework and growing up. Taking the name "Invincible" Mark starts on his super hero adventures, and we will have to see where that take him.

The best way of thinking of "Invincible" is Superman mixed with Spider-man. Being the son of the Superman hero in this universe Invincible's powers are just like superman's, but because he is young his personality is more like spider-man.

This is a great comic and is worth every page. For me this is the comic to read. If you are in to super hero's and love a good read this is the story for you. Every time I read these comics I can't stop with just the first one, I have to read them all.

I would give this comic a 9.1 out of 10.

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