Friday, February 8, 2013


Orson Scott Card
Pathfinder Series
Science Fiction/Fantasy

On the other world of Garden a young man with the amazing power to see where all living things have been is trained to by his father to save his sister. After his fathers death Rigg goes to his father's best friend and gets his inheritances, a bag full of gems all worth millions of gold.

Rigg then travels with his best friend to the city of "O" under the protection of an old solder. there his is pulled in to an age old game of social rules and political war.

But something is coming even larger then what is happening now and if they can survive this then will they survive what is coming next.

At the same time the pilot Ram is flying the first hyper drive space ship. Earth is no longer a good place to live so the human race has no choice but to seek out a new planet. Can we do it? and what does all this have to do with Rigg and the people of Garden?

This is Orson Scott Cards newest book series and I loved this it. The story is interesting and I really came to love the characters. Rigg and his friends fight for a new world and I think everyone can respect that. This is also a story about a brother finding his sister and the love that can grow even from a distance.

The book does have some weaknesses. With the divergent time lines the book can get bogged down and at first its almost boring before you know why ram is there. Also it is hard to follow some of the logic when it comes to time travel but over all it just took a little bit more work then some books

The book is hard to put down I had to fight myself to not read it when I was driving and at work and supposed to be sleeping. The story is powerful and the plot is strong. This book is a little long but is worth the work.

Over all I would give this book an 8 out of 10.

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