Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ashen Winter

Ashen Winter
Mike Mullin

After a brutal attack on his uncles farm Alex find his fathers shotgun in the hands of the bandits that attacked them. Fearing for his Mother's and father's life Alex and Darla head back out in to the gray to find them and bring them back.

After chasing one of the bandits that attacked his farm. Alex finds out that his parents are being held in one of the mercenary internment camps, or at least he was a few months ago.

Sadly trouble finds the couple quickly and before to long Darla is taken captive by a gang of cannibal rapists. Now not only does Alex need to find and save his parents he also needs to save Darla before anything happens to her.

But first he needs to survive himself.

I loved this book. Ashen Winter is the sequel to the bangorang book Ashfall. This book is really well done and does justice to the book before it. Mike Mullin has taken a great idea and built on it. I really feel that this book it leading to an amazing serious.

The one down side to this book I had is that at a few points the book gets overly descriptive. This led to it being a little harder to get in to this book over Ashfall. In Ashfall It took three pages to hook me in Ashen Winter I took more like Two chapters to really grab me.

That being sad I think the writer Is trying to improve his work and that is always a really good thing. Also this book does exactly want you want from a second book it leads you to want to read more. The book also developed the characters and added new people and new problems.

Finally the last thing I really liked about this book was that it did not simple retell the first store again in a slightly different way. Ashen Winter builds the world and the store this increases the power of this book.

Over all I would give this book a 9.5 out of 10.

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