Saturday, October 20, 2012

Clan of the Cave Bear

Clan of the Cave Bear
Earth's Children
Jean M. Auel
Historical Fiction

Back before recorded time there was two kinds of humans the Neanderthal and modern Cro-Magnon.

After a large earthquake that rips through the earth a young Cro-magnon girl named Ayla loses her whole family. After wondering through the forest for a few days, being attacked by animals without food and suffering desiese. She is found by a tribe of Neanderthals, the Clan of the Cave Bear, and she is taken in.

Even though she is different and cannot speak there language the clan makes her one of there people. They give her a totem of the Cave Lion, which is usually only given to men.

As time goes on and she grows up Ayla cannot seem to be what the clan expects her to be. Even though the Clan is the only family she can remember she is just different from them. She thinks differently and acts differently from the Clan but she must learn to be Clan.

With the wild animals everywhere, enemies in the clan and her difficult adapting to her role in the clan Ayla will have to do everything she can to stay alive.

I really liked this book. The writer really does a good job at pulling the reader through the book. The realistic feel of the store and the interesting facts about our distant relatives helps to build a world the reader can relate to.

The story can be hard on the reader because the people in the book are a lot like us but they do not follow the same social rules that we find important. This can create unconformable feelings for the reader.

I got uncomfortable at some points in the book but over all I really liked it. The one thing I did not like about the book was that at the end I really had no drive to read the next books.

It was interesting because I loved this book but i left me with a foreboding feeling that has made it difficult to read the next one.

I would give this book an 8 out of 10.

This was the first book I have ever read on a electronic reading tablet and I always thought I would miss the feel of a book, the smell of the pages, and the weight in my hands but after the first 10 minutes I loved it and it was hard to go back.

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