Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dragon Champion

Dragon Champion
The Age of Fire
E. E. Knight
High Fantasy

Dragons are dying. In a cave deep underground one of the last clutches of dragon eggs are born. One of these dragons is the rare scaleless gray dragon. Winning the ledge and becoming champion of the nest Auron begins his life but happiness is short lived.

Within a few months the nest is attacked by a bandit group comprised of elves and dwarves. Auron is the only one to survive the attack. Now he most find his way in the world without his family.

In his travels Auron makes many unlikely friends and must use his brain to win out over his enemies because, unlike other dragons with think armored scales, a single lucky arrow will kill him.

Will Auron be able to find the the last of his kind and will he be able to find who is responsible for the hunting of his people?

I loved this book. Firstly the book is well written. Second the plot is interesting and keeps the reader moving through the book at a good speed. Third the characters are easy to connect too. Lots of books have these so even with all of that what makes this book different? Well, its from the dragons point of view.

Now I read E. E. Knights other books and after the first two I got really bored and dropped the whole thing. So when I saw this book at the used book store I was a little nerves but after reading the first chapter I was hooked.

Dragon Champion is want I have always wanted in a book about dragons it gives the reader a new perspective and helps us to see through there eyes in this way I would relate it to "Watership Down" we see the world through the dragon's eyes the culture and believes are revealed, this is really cool.

For me this was a book I did not know I was looking for until I found it. I finished it in one day and got the second book right away.

I would give this book a 8.75 out of 10

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