Thursday, March 14, 2013

Silverwing & Sunwing

"Silverwing" & "Sunwing"
Kenneth Oppel
The Silverwing Series
Animal Fiction

Shade is a young Silverwing bat who is a little small for his age. One day on a dare from his rival shade brakes the bats oldest and most important law. Shade looked at the sun.

At the beginning of time there was a great war between the birds and the beasts. During the war the bats did not take a side and when the war ended the birds and the beast punished the bats by banning then from ever seeing the sun again for he rest of time.

When Shade saw the sun he upset the balance of power and angered the owls. In revenge the owls burn his colonies home to the ground and set all the bats early to hibernaculem. The bats winter Hibernation cave. On the way Shade is lost in a storm but this event sets him on the path to becoming the bat he wants to be and the hero the world needs.

At the same time two meat eating jungle bats are loose in the city and killing birds. This angers the owls even more. The owls close the skies to all bats and start gathering for war against the bats. Will Shade be able to defeat the jungle bats? Stop the war? and bring the sun back to his people?

I put the first two books of this series together in the review because these two books really should be read together as if they are one book. The end of the first book really does got anywhere and I did not really like it but after readying the second book I loved them. So I recommend reading both books back to back as if the first book is really just the start of the first it will make it a much better read.

I really liked this book. I like that as a reader we get to see in to the likes of bats. there culture, religion and there relationships with others. It was really fun. The book reminded me of "Watershipdown" in a lot of ways but just more for kids and a little less political.

I loved getting in to shades head. In the first book he is a little whinny but by the end of the second book I loved him and was really attached to him. I also really liked his friends and colony members. everything felt very natural and I was just pulled through the book from end to end.

I would give the books as a set a 7.8 out of 10.

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