Thursday, March 7, 2013

Warm Bodies

"Warm Bodies"
Isaac Marion
Zombie Apocalypse

R is not like other zombies. Were most zombies are happy to walk around, grown and ever so often take a bite out of some one, he wants more. It does not help that R and his best friend M are both some of the most vocal zombies in the airport, or that he still thinks about life before and has a drive to learn more. But in the end what more can a zombie in a suit living in an old airport hope to find?

One day R and M take a walk to go find food. During the hunt R kills the leader of the group of humans. A young man who may have been living but was dead on the inside. After R eats the boys brains he starts to see with his mind and his feelings.

After this R realizes that he has amazing feelings, love, for Julie the the human boys girlfriend. These feelings are so strong that R saves Julies life and brings her back to his home in the airport. Soon Julie sees that something is different about R and she starts to have feelings for hims.

Will there love be enough to keep them together? and if this can happen to R then can it also happen to the rest of the zombies?

Warm Bodies is a classic retelling of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", but with zombies. They don't even try to hide it the book uses similar names, identical scene, and the political statements are very inline with each other. That being said the book adds a lot to the zombie mythology and creates a unique story.

I really liked this book. R is an amazing character and for a guy who can't say much more then "Braiiins" he has some really powerful words. I also really liked the setting that the writer created for the reader. This book combines the best parts of zombie lore and the words of Shakespeare.

A movie version of this book came out in February 2013 under the same name. The movie and the book have a lot in common the basic feel and plot are the same, also they are both really good. There are three big differences between the book and movie.

First, in the book R is in his late 20's early 30's and in the movie he is college age. Second, the movie is a lot funnier then the book. The book is funny and has some really amazing parts but the movie just focuses more on that. Third, the book is a lot more insightful and the points that the book makes about people and s.ociety just are not in the movie.

For me I liked both a lot. the movie was more fun but the book had a lot more power to it. I would give the book a 8 out of 10.

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