Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Barbara Hambly
Winterlands #1
High Fantasy

Tales are told of the mighty knight from the Winterlands who single handedly slow the she dragon that had attacked his people. He called the dragon out of its cave and with sword in hand, killed the monster in honorable combat.

When a new dragon invades the kingdom a young man named Gareth travels to the Winterland to find this legend as he is the only dragonsbane alive. When he gets there he finds a normal man just trying to live his life and get by in a land that is hard and cruel. He finds a man not a hero.

With the kingdom on the line the hero and his witch have no choice but to go and fight the dragon or die trying.

This is a great book. I loved the whole thing. From the beginning to the end the book has full characters, a strong plot, and powerful writing. The writer has created strong characters both male and female. and in the end the book has a strong positive message.

For some time I have not been reading a lot. There were not a lot of books that could hold my interest. But I picked this one up at the DI for less than a dollar, and within a few pages I was hooked and my love of reading returned. This book was so good that it inspired me to read several more books.

I would give it 8.7 out of 10.

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