Monday, November 18, 2013

The School for Good and Evil

"The School for Good and Evil"
Soman Chainani
Fairy Tale Fantacy

Two best friends form the village of the Woods Beyond wait for the most feared day off all. The day the head master of the school for fairy tales comes to take two children away. One of the children taken is always the best, sweatiest, nicest and all around good. The other is always the worst, most evil, meanest and an all around bad person.

This year two friends where taken together. The first one was born to be a princess. With her blond hair, blue eyes and open smile she new she would be taken to the school for good. The other girl has dark hair, bad skin and no friends other then the one. Everyone in the village new she would be taken to the school for evil.

That night as everyone Predicted the two friends where taken. They went to the land of fairy tales and joined the school for good and evil. Sadly there is only one problem... they where both put in to the wrong schools.

Now they most work together to get home and escape the mistake the school master made.

This book is very well written and powerfully creative with its original concept around a classic idea. I loved this book when i first started reading it and I could not put it down. I had gone a long time without reading. I got tired of reading the same thing just by different writers and I could not find a good book to get me started again. When I found this one I got really excited and read it in just a few hours. Sadly in the end it failed.

At the end of the book the writer adds an political statement, and i felt that it was inappropriate for a children's book. Literally in the last paragraph off the book she just adds this in and it ruined the whole story for me. The problem is that even if you agree with the political statement it still felt awkward and out of place. It felt thrown together and personally I wish I had stopped reading a paragraph before the end.

If I had stopped, this book would have been one of my favorites ever. It also would have greatly improved the book. This small change would have changed this book from being one in a crowed of so many book. In to a book that would be remembered and talked about for years.

If the writer had stopped one paragraph before this book would have get 9 out of 10 from me. As it is right now the book gets 3 out of 10, and i would not recommend this book to anyone.

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