Friday, November 29, 2013

The Way of Shadows

"The Way of Shadows"
Brent Weeks
High Fantacy
The Night Angel Trilogy

Azoth was nothing. He was born in to nothing and nothing is all his destiny held, until he met the great assassin Durzo Blint. Born on the street as a guild rat Azoth lived in constant fear of death and abuse. With only two friends to his name he knew that one day he would have to betray them or they would betray him, which was the way of the street.

Seeking a better life Azoth approached the greatest assassin alive, Durzo Blint. Durzo says he will take him on but only if he first shows that he can kill when ordered to. Azoths most overcome his kind nature and kill the most feared boy in his rat’s guild.

But even if he can do it Azoth does not know how different his life will be, or the challenges that face all assassins for being an assassin is a lonely life, for the best killers have no friend’s only targets.

This is a great book. The writer has a power mind for details and colorful descriptions. He can get a little wordy at times and the build up in the book takes a little too long. By the time we really get in to the book 200 pages have passed of build up.

Even with all of that the book pulled me through page to page. I had trouble putting this book down it is so well written. The main character is familiar and reminded me of myself in many ways. Inside of us all is light and dark and the struggle within Azoth mirrors in a more pronounced way, the fight we all have to deal with inside ourselves.

One thing to keep in mind is that this book is written for an older audience. The book handles and covers a large range of adult ideas and concepts that would not be good for someone under 16 years of age.

Over all I feel that his book is a 8.2 out of 10.

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