Saturday, September 15, 2012


Mike Mullin

Alex was a normal 15 year old boy medium height, medium weight, likes video games and martial arts. Not so good with girls but has a few close friends. Every thing changed on that Friday. The Friday when the volcano under Yellowstone erupts and starts covering the world in ash.

On that Friday Alex's parents had taken his little sister to there uncles farm and had left him home alone for the weekend. Now with he world falling apart Adam must find his family and a way to outlast the horrors of the volcanic winter.

On his trip Adam finds many people who hurt others to get what they want but he also found many who, even in these darkest times, were willing to help others in need. One of these people is Darla. Darla is a smart girl living on a farm with her mother. After meeting Alex Darla and him travel together to find his family, but on the way they find more then they bargained for.


Ashfall is one of the best books I have ever read. Within the first 5 pages I was hooked and wanted nothing more then to read the rest of it. It only took me two days to finish it and I worked full shifts both days.

The book has a good amount of hope and despair which makes reading this book a roller coaster of emotion. The book also feels real, it feels like what people see on the news after a disaster and what people really are like when in the middle of one.

The hard part about this book is that the writer does not pull any punches. Meaning that there is death and violence, sex and pain. For that reason I would recommend this book for 16 years old and older. Yes this is a young adult book but in this case I would stress the ADULT part of that more then the young.

But I want you to understand this book is not dirty of profane, but it is real and it is harsh younger children would not be able to handle it but for adults it is an amazing book. This is not just some fun fantasy where everything will be okay. This is a scary world that could really happen to us.

This novel will make you laugh, cry, scream and hope for a better world. This book will be an experience you will want to share with everyone. It will become an old friend you fear for.

The writing is amazing, the characters are real and likable, and the plot is full of hopes and fears that we all have.

I would give this book a 10 out of 10.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed ASHFALL. The sequel, ASHEN WINTER, comes out October 8th. I put the first two chapters up at if you'd like a sneak peak.