Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Way of the Pilgrim

Way of the Pilgram
Gordon R. Dickson
Science Fiction

The world was taken over in less then a day. Rebellion is impossible and mankind has become little more then cattle to grow there alien master's food. Humanity has no technology that can hurt them,

Humanity are a lot weaker and smaller then them but what the aliens don't know is the power of the human spirit.

After the alien invasion the leaders searched out humans who could learn to speak there language. Because of how hard their language is to learn only a rare few humans can speak it but Shane can and he is the best.

Because of his skill with the language Shane has become a prized servant of the alien ruler of earth. On a mission for his master Shane see's an alien kill a human for no reason other then a small mis-communication and Shane snaps and creates "The Pilgrim" a symbolic picture of the human spirit.

Without Shane's knowledge The Pilgrim spreads across the world and gives hope once again to mankind, but will it be enough to drive the invaders off of earth or will Shane have to put everything on the line to free humanity?

This is one of the most interesting books I have ever read. The story is compelling and pulls you right through the book like an adventure novel but it also makes you think.

Original Science fiction was not just about a fun space adventure it was supposed to make you think about what what could be and how the world would respond to these things. It was a challenge to human nature and The Way of the Pilgrim does just that.

The main character Shane is written very well. he feels real and you will start to care about him within just a few pages. The world, as it is with aliens taken over, feels real and possible. The characters around Shane have the feel of the french resistance during WWII.

The only down side to this book is that you trade a real feel for some parts that are a little boring. Some times the characters in the book have to talk about there plans and or the writer wants to show how people live in this world and his descriptions can be a little long, but its not very often and what he writes is really interesting.

This is a great book worth your time to read. I give this book to my friends all the time. You will not regret reading this book because it is fun and will make you think about the world around you.

I would give this book a 7.5 out of 10

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