Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Man Who Was Magic

The Man Who Was Magic - A Fable of Innocence
Paul Gallico
Historical Fantasy

Adam and his talking dog Mopsy are on there way to city of magic Mageia. Adam is a man normal looking, nice, honest man who is very very different from everyone else. Adam can do real magic.

The magic city of Magia is home to the greatest magicians in the world... that is, the greatest stage magicians in the world, and they apply there trade with Skill and pride.

Adam had heard of Mageia in his homeland across the mountains, but Adam believed it to be a play of real magic where he could learn and continue his study of magic. Adam arrives at the gate and is told that the testing to join the legendary magicians of Mageia starts today and that if he wants to get in he will need to hurry.

After entering the city Adam meets Jane a young girl who is the daughter of the Mageia's mayor. she agrees to be his assistant for the testing as an assistant is needed for the test.

At the test Adam does something that none of these master magicians have ever seen or could do and this starts people thinking... what if it is real magic?

Will Adam and Mopsy be able Join the people of mageia? or will people's fears of the unknown and the magnificent drive them to destroy Adam?

This book is one of the greatest book ever written that know one has ever heard off. It was written in 1966 and has only had two printings. This means that getting this book can be difficult but I promise that you will not regret the it.

I rarely lend this book out because of how hard it is to get a new one if it gets lost of damaged, but everyone I have lent this to has loved it and many have gone out to get there own copy.

The Man Who Was Magic is a story of hope and seeing the magic that lives around us everyday. This is an uplifting tale that will leave you happy and ready to face the world. this story is also a warning that just because something is different does not mean it is bad, and just because someone is over you does not mean they are always right. We must make our own way in life.

This book will teach you and build you up. this is a great book for teenagers because it is fun but also will teach them important live lessons. This book should be a must read before you die because it is possibly the best book I have ever read in my life. It is a an unknown classic just waiting for you to find.

I would give this book a 10 out of 10

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