Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Ruins of Gorlan

The Ruins of Gorlan
John Flanagan
Ranger's Apprentice
Marshal fiction

The Ruins of Gorlan fallows the story of will a young Orfien who can't find his way in the world. Will is small for his age, he's fast and smart but but just does not have the strangth to do what he really wants to do, be a solder.

In the 13th year of his life Will has his name day were the local crafts men pick children to train. Problem is that if know one picks you then you must leave the city and become a farmer.

On his name day everyone finds somewhere to go but Will has no one, but just as Despair is about it set in the local Ranger takes Will to be his apprentice. So Will starts his life as The Ranger's Apprentice.

A great evil is once again on the rise can Will and his master Halt stop it? or will death fall on the people of the land?

This is the first book of the 11 book series Ranger's Apprentice. The first book is not the best one I have ever read but the series is amazing. Each book is only about 200-250 pages long and often it takes the writer a few books to tell one story ark. So stick with it and you will not be disappointed.

I love these books. There great for kids but adults can get a lot from them too. The Story telling is superb and you will fall in love with all the characters. Although the first book is all about Will and Halt the later books focus on his two best friends as well. this brings in some really strong female characters which i liked a lot.

The only problem this is book is that it feels like only part of a story so then you have to keep reading because you want to know what happens, but the books are so good that its really not much of a problem.

Over all I would give this book a 7 out of 10 but the series as a whole would get more.

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